Black and Silver Battle

Black and Silver Battle

black and silver 1

On October 10-11, 2015, we will host a “Black & Silver Battle” live paint jam and arts showcase from 12noon-2am. Black and silver are the colors of our basketball team, the Spurs, an integral source of unity amongst San Antonians of all walks. Forty stylists from around the state and country are currently signed up for this event, which will also include a blackbook-style markers battle (should I mention Krink?) and live DJ. Participants can use three colors in their pieces – black, silver, and one other of 3 vintage Spurs team colors (teal, peach, pink).

Featured as part of this event will be New York-based French artist, ZESO, (a huge Spurs fan) here for a week to paint a community and team tribute mural at a nearby wall site promoting the store; this is also the location where our arts and light mapping showcase will take place the night of the battle. He will be joined by Bronx legend Wizart/Spoke and our USS Lead Muralist DoterOne of Mexico, in an inter-generational, multi-styled, multi-lingual collaboration. It will be a collab to promote through expertise the dynamic possibilities of Ironlak paint and community pride. These three painters will actually be part of the panel of judges for the larger wall and paper train battles, composed of multiple levels and ages of participants.

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